Aides to the Conscious Lifestyle

In a recent article, I mentioned that there is a growing interest in the organic lifestyle. Over time this interest has resonated with several companies that have already begun modifications to their ingredients list to include products that have been obtained in their natural state with little to no manipulation. As a result, consumer lifestyle is being improved because products that are more helpful than harmful are more accessible.

Many of us who are for the natural and organic Lifestyle welcome this move and why not! It means that we are adding safer products to our pantries, bathrooms, makeup kit and skin care regime. Finally, we can begin our journey towards achieving the complete conscious lifestyle.

It is good to know that improving lifestyle is important to those we spend our coins with on a daily basis. After all, buying and selling is a huge part of our daily lives.  Likewise, we should have the ability to purchase lifestyle enhancing products while we are at it.

The number one step towards the conscious Lifestyle is to be aware of areas in your life where toxic things prevent you from feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, refreshed or at ease. In addition, recognizing the need to make changes that are good for our wellbeing is even more vital.


Try this exercise: Take a moment to assess the things in your life. Take a notebook and divide a page or two in half. On one half jot down all the things you have in your home that you use on a regular basis. On the other side next, to each jotting, write how they make you feel. For e.g. Do you have a positive or negative vibe? Assess each of the ones that were listed as negative. Now try to find Alternatives that will help lead to the conscious Lifestyle you desire.

Comment below if you found this exercise helpful. What changes have you made? How did these changes make you feel?