Benefits of creating a Success Board

Success Board

One of the most effective tools to encourage a focused and motivated mind is a Success Board. Like motivational audios and books, Visual aids are important in achieving goals. When we are able to see the outcomes expected for ourselves; we are more likely to work hard even when we have faced challenges.

Our human brain is the most intricate and complex organ we possess. When see, touch, smell or taste something the information is sent to our brain. The information is then interpreted and the response is carried out. This is exactly how our brains function when are able to visualise a plan we have for ourselves. The information will be interpreted and an action will follow. The action carried out will reflect our mindset towards achieving our set goals.

Not too long ago I was made aware of the importance of a success board and how it can help me stay focused. When I started my blog and newly launched online company I decided to create a success board to keep me focused on the outcomes I would like to see in my life over the next 3-5 years. My success board is centred around several areas of my life. These areas I believe are central to attaining a conscious lifestyle: Health and wellness, Family, Financial Stability, House, Travel, Time, Business growth.


Reasons Success Boards Work

  • Success Boards are effective in fostering motivation and Focus towards a specific Outcome.
  • The ability to physically see examples of the results we expect from an outcome is efficient and acts as a jump start when we have fallen off the path.
  • Success Boards create an opportunity for you to be specific in your position: where you are and where you hope to be. Having a clear idea of your expectations is efficient in creating a plan to make the expectation real.
  • It creates personal accountability.
  • Compiles long-term or short-term goals. It can be a quick way to organise goals you want to achieve now versus goals you hope to achieve in the future.
  • They are a reference point for your personal achievements and life goals.