How to develop a Success Plan


Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don't wish it were easier; wish you were better.
– Jim Rohn

No one develops an idea without expecting to see results. The results act as a confirmation that the plan that was executed actually works. Expectations are set by us before implementing a concept or idea. Each step in implementing an idea should yield some result that is crucial to moving to the next phase.

At the end of our plans, all the previous steps should make sense. That is, our initial concept or idea should produce the ultimate outcome we had desired. This is the truth behind success.

What is a Success Plan?

There is no set definition for success plan. The term has been used in varying situations, and definitions have been coined based on the user context.  However, by combing the definitions of the two words separately we can define the term as “a detailed proposal or list of action points designed for the accomplishment of a purpose or aim”.

A success plan is necessary when implementing an idea. The reason for this is, a success plan acts a guide towards a specific outcome. It outlines all the necessary steps to be taken, caveats, anticipated delays and how to overcome them and alternative routes when faced with an unexpected delay.

Our day to day lives requires a success plan. If we are not planning it means we have no vision, goal or dream. To develop a good success plan, the below is necessary:

Determine the need for a success plan

There must be a catalyst behind the success plan. A dream, goal, idea or aspiration is necessary to create a plan. Knowing what your reason is paramount.

Expected Outcome and Objective

Before executing a plan, you must envision the finished product. Not having an expectation will cause even the most carefully created plan to fail. Because a clear objective is not communicated all efforts would be in vain.

Anticipate and Prepare

We cannot always expect a plan to go exactly the way we want. Anticipating and preparing for roadblocks in any plan is important. If this not built into the plan any issue arise could lead to complete failure and lack of trust in the initial goal. Many of us miss the step and as a result, give up on our plan too quickly. We should always expect the roadblocks and prepare to counter them.