How to Maintain a Normal Family Life in our Society?

Family life has been greatly impacted by factors such as Technology. With constant changes in this arena and many others, family time have slowly diminished. The fun interactions between children, parents, spouses and siblings have been replaced by hustling and bustling. In addition, the ever-increasing self-absorbing attitude bolstered by the inability for us to put aside our gadgets and tech for much needed meaningful conversations.

We have, over time, come to believe that the 1200 followers or “friends” on social media are real friends. In addition, parents are too busy to rear their children. As a result, children are forced to become adults at 7 years old or less and spouses are forced to live as roommates.

Strains on FamilyLife Today

While Technology is good and serves its purpose, we have to be more vigilant in ensuring that we maintain our family values. It is easy to become caught up in all the technological advancements and the lifestyle of having everything available to us that we become consumed. Everything must be used or consumed in moderation and this depends on our ability to exercise control.

Everyone is entitled to their alone time where participating in something you love is allowed without much restrictions and minimal interruptions. However, this must be balanced with other things such as family life and a social life.

Have you ever been to a social event and everyone is tucked away in some corner buried into a cell phone, tablet or laptop? Or what about having a conversation with someone who is buried into their phones giving you only 10% attention while 90% is busy surfing the internet, messaging a friend or just poking around social media? Or what about those parents who work 8-10 hrs, then leave work only to go back home and work some more. As a result, they spend no time with their children or significant other.

What Kind of world will we live in if we allow family values and time to be constantly compromised by everything else around us?

Tips to improve Family Life

In my own family life, I have experienced the imprints of technology and other factors such as work consuming our fun times and our social life. However, we have made efforts constantly to prevent this by:

1) Using technology as an addition to family time: Playing video games and watching movies can be incorporated into family fun and of course, this has to be done with moderation.

2) Making efforts go outdoors for family fun: Parks are fun and creates an environment for meaningful conversations and inclusive activities.

3) Planning 1-2 night getaway: With children and work and the overall fast-paced life; getting away can be important to restoring family time and intimate relationships. This is a good tactic for spouses to recuperate and catch up and have fun.

4) Leave work at work: Not many will agree with me, however, you will be amazed at how this one step can rebuild relationships. My spouse once told me that it is not possible to get all the work I need to be done in a day. You don’t need to take work home with you, you have 8-10 hrs for work that means that that the rest of the time should be spent with family and recuperating. Having this balance is important in restoring family values.

5) Knowing when to stop: Self-control is one of the best attributes we can possess. Once all control is lost we allow ourselves to be consumed by what we are doing and forget those around us. This is crucial to maintaining family values and is also important in checking our own selves.


We possess the ability to reignite our family life today, especially if we have been impacted by the changes in society. The family is important and is the backbone of society. It teaches the most important values and models them. If families are torn apart because of lack of togetherness then we are sure to see the effects in society. Family time is a necessity and should not be ignored.