Jane Iredale-Natural Makeup for Beauty Conscious People

Jane Iredale- Natural Makeup

For us, Lifestyle Conscious consumers in the Natural beauty arena, one concern we will often have is how to find high-quality products that will produce effective results. Many of us loved how our makeup looked with the unhealthy brands we used, but we can be skeptical when seeking more natural options.

Companies such as Jane Iredale has been providing high-quality natural, toxic-free makeup that gives you that flawless, full coverage, snatched look. And their shade ranges are without a doubt inclusive.

Jane Iredale is a cruelty-free (they don’t test on animals) natural makeup brand that produces high-end quality makeup that boasts significant impacts on health and skin care that is beyond brilliant. Like many companies offering natural options, their makeup is designed to do more than just give you flawless coverage but also help to improve skin appearance.

Jane Iredale’s makeup line has grown exponentially, and you can find foundations for everyone and every skin type and tone, eye makeup, lipsticks, and makeup tools that are cruelty-free.

Must-Haves and Favourites

  • My favorite from the Jane Iredale brand is their new Triple Luxe Long Lasting Naturally Moist Lipstick that was released in August. This lipstick is phenomenal and has staying power along with a nice hydrating feeling. The shade ranges are phenomenal and go well on any skin tone. This lipstick retails for $37 which in on the expensive side, but it is definitely worth the purchase.
  • The company has a phenomenal foundation line from pressed powder to loose powder. Their Glow Time full coverage Mineral BB cream is one of my favorites as it provides great coverage, evens-out skin tone & also reduces the appearance of enlarged pores. They come in several shade ranges which I believe is all-inclusive. In addition, you can mix several shades together to find your perfect match, if needed.
  • The liquid mineral foundation is a hit or miss for many, particularly because of the shade ranges. However, the formula feels great on the skin. I would not recommend for dry skin as it tends to cling to dry area. I  would recommend a sponge versus a brush for a more flawless Application. This foundation retails for $52, once again very pricey but is worth it due to its skin care capabilities.
  • The Jane Iredale line boasts a carefully developed formula for hydration sprays, which is priced between $30-$67. For me, they have the best formula and the hydration sprays are designed for every skin type. Based on my experience I have found that the sprays work well in setting pressed and loose powder foundations. In addition, this is great for creating a flawless well put together makeup for all-day wear. I highly recommend their hydration sprays.

One additional fact about Jane Iredale makeup line that many of you will love, is that the makeup includes SPF. This is very important in protecting your skin and also helps your makeup look even more flawless.

This brand is one of my go-to for daily simple looks. And I love them, even more, knowing that with every use I am protecting my skin. They are worth the try!

A few Beauty Tips For Jane Iredale Products

  • Hydration Sprays: If you find that your skin tends to get oily you may want to purchase the Balance Hydration Spray for best results. The Pommist Hydration Spray is their most popular but works best for people with dry skin.
  • Liquid Minerals Foundation: The application of this foundation can be difficult and messy if done with a foundation brush. However, if done by hand or with a beauty sponge (Their flocked sponge is perfect) you will find application to be flawless and streak free.
  • Beyond Matte HD Matifying Powder: If you suffer from oily skin or have combination skin or want to prevent makeup transfer. This product is perfect. Not only does it mattify and prevent product transfer but it also sets your makeup. A must have. However, you want to ensure that you blend the product in since it can leave a white cast that is not attractive.