What you need to know about Life after giving Birth

The First Phase-“Initiation”

Motherhood is without a doubt, one of the most wonderful experience a woman could have.  Before giving birth to my daughter in 2017, I would read articles and random post of women talking about the change they experience in themselves by giving birth to another human being. Not having this experience, I was curious and at the same time, completely oblivious to the excitement these moms shared. I would often think they were exaggerating their feelings. But after giving birth to my daughter I was able to understand how these new moms felt.

During my pregnancy, I had what I called “surface knowledge” on how my life would change.  The anxiousness and increased anticipation of seeing my little one were paramount and not much thought was placed on how great my life would change. I just knew that I had to be the best mom for my daughter and that was what I would work on, no matter what.

As I prepared to welcome my little one, I recognised that more often than not, the information I read focused more on body and relationship changes (spouse vs wife) after birth. But not very many articles spoke in-depth on other life changes such as Life goals, mindset and work vs family life.

The Second Phase-“Reality”

The moments after my daughter was born I came face to face with the most important questions:

How can IÂ ensure that I spend time with her? How can I ensure I can be a part of all the once in a lifetime milestones she will experience?

If you are a full time working mom in the corporate, 9-5 world,  you will know that most companies give you no more than 3 months of motherhood maternity. Others allow new mothers just a few weeks or days. This bothered me so much. I was compelled to rethink my current position and work on the life changes I could make that were beneficial. At that moment, I discovered that I didn’t want to be held down in the corporate environment where I could only spend limited time with my child.

In addition, I was not open to leaving my 3-month-old daughter in the hands of a babysitter or put her in the daycare system where she would have to compete with several other babies younger or older for attention.

I wanted to see all of my daughters’ firsts and bask in the moment of just watching her grow. It was at this point I realise that motherhood not only changes you emotionally and physically but mentally. Nothing will push you more towards becoming your own boss like motherhood.

Birth of the “Mompreneur” Mindset

After giving much thought, I realised that I did not just give birth to my daughter in 2017. Along with my 6lb and 12 inches bundle of awesomeness came a new vision for my life and a new mindset. The uncontainable passion to do more was burnt into my frontal cortex.  I was no longer thinking about living an average lifestyle. My mindset was beyond average, I gave birth to a mindset that wanted to make reality any dreams, passions and goals. I was no longer ordinary, I was extraordinary.

I did quite a bit of research, gaining insights from other successful mompreneurs and brainstorming business ideas. Starting a business that allowed me to work from home was the mindset I developed. Executing this plan was my next move and out of this came two great results: 1) My personal blog: Nari Conscious Lifestyle and 2)Launch of our company Ayir Tech. Both were named after my daughter.

The Third Phase- “Passion”

Reminiscing on this experience a new reality was revealed. Sometimes we understand the reason for wanting more when we have had major life changes. That is because we are no longer able to sit comfortably in a situation we once thought was “our best”. We are challenged by surpassing our limits and unlocking new paths.

As a new mom, my dreams were never put on pause, and there are times where we have been told that this is what becoming a parent does. That is without a doubt the wrong concept. Life after birth can really surprise you. Many new moms find their path and lost passions after birth. This is backed by the growth in women entrepreneurs which has skyrocketed over the last few years.  The drive to work on securing their families future combusts and their mindset are changed forever.

You may be a new mom like me, or maybe you aren’t a new mom. But the purpose of this is to remind you that moms can be badass. We can do more for ourselves and families than we have been lead to believe. Our brains are capable of handling more than we can imagine. After all, we made it through labor and delivery (or home birth); one of the toughest challenges yet.

If you had a dream of running a business or starting a blog or perhaps, writing a book, whatever it is. I say go for it. Utilise that passion you gained after birth and transform it into anything you want. Create that Legacy. After all, you’re a mom and I’m a mom, we were made for this!