Secrets to developing your Mindset

When I had my daughter last year my whole thought process changed and I started to think long and hard as what I want my life to be like. While this was not the first time I have thought of changing my lifestyle, the reality of having a human being depending on me made me really focus on making my previous plans a reality.

Nari Conscious is one result of this change and is also named after my daughter (Nari is short for her middle name Nariyah). Other changes I  have made surrounded the food I ate, the products I used and the relationships I maintain. But these weren’t the only areas that needed adjustment. I  also needed to focus on my mindset. That is, I realized that I needed to declutter my thoughts and release any negative energy that holds me back from moving forward.

Assess and Implement

Achieving the conscious lifestyle first requires us to understand that changing our mindset is important if we expect great results. That is, we have to believe it before we can execute it. Our attitude towards our goals is what determines whether they will be successful or not.

Therefore, to achieve this change we have to:

  • Evaluate the reasons or motives. This may include recognizing what we want in your life and understand what is driving this need.
  • Assess what the changes mean to you? If it is not important enough, you will not be willing to make the sacrifices to achieve it.
  • Set expectations. What are the results we hope to achieve by embarking on a journey that changes us and everyone we come in contact with?
  • Develop a plan of action?

A change in mindset does not occur overnight. We need to incorporate aides in our life that will keep us focused while we shed the poor behaviours and develop positive ones. This may include self-affirmations, reading daily nuggets from inspiring quotes or books, removing ourselves from people who are not progressing, meditating, and daily assessment of our progress and attitude.

I am still a working progress. I have not achieved all I want but I am on my way to achieving the Conscious life. So let’s get there together. Share your progress with me. Let’s make it happen together.