Benefits of attaining an organic Lifestyle

It’s not a new thought or idea when we think of living organically. In fact, this lifestyle is innate to us as humans. If you check back in history, our ancestors tilled the grown and hunted for food, that is, food was not obtained from any “fast food” restaurant as we are accustomed to in this timeframe. Instead, this was food grown organically, meaning, no man-made manipulation or enhancements such as pesticides to speed up growth.

Why is it Important?

While I am not suggesting we go back to the hunting and gathering phase of humanity, as that would be absurd. However, we need to be more mindful of how the changes associated with acquiring food has contributed to the health and lifestyle concerns of our society. The rigorous changes have impacted how food is classified, that is, healthy when it is not really healthy or organic when it is not really organic.  I was born and raised in the Caribbean so I am able to make some comparisons with how my lifestyle had changed over the years.

The rural parts of many Caribbean countries are agriculturally based. In my experience, every food I consumed while growing up was farmed in my backyard without any form of chemicals. I was miles away from the urban regions where popular fast food chains could be found, hence this was consumed occasionally. When I moved to the urban region during my studies I found myself consuming on a regular basis unhealthy food (though some were considered healthy) and was soon troubled with a few health issues as a result of my new lifestyle.


It is this experience that made me assess the need to return to organic consumption. This lifestyle is important and crucial to us improving areas of our lives such as our health, our thoughts, emotions. It is not rocket science how straying away from healthy living has been a hazard to humanity. Our lifespan has decreased tremendously while new illnesses form every day. This is of course fostered by the fast pace lifestyles we have to adapt over time. But does this mean we can’t get back to living organically? Not at all.

Recently, I have been finding mediums I can use to get back to a healthy lifestyle. Without a doubt, this idea is resonating with several sources that offer new ways to replace unhealthy living with healthy living. Let’s get conscious together! Learn more about the conscious lifestyle.