The Benefits of Self Affirmation

One of the most difficult things we are faced with on a regular basis is being positive. We struggle with incorporating any form of self-affirmation in our daily lives and as a result, we allow negative energies to set us back. I discovered the need for self-affirmation and decided that I had to incorporate it into my daily life. And one day I finally had a talk with myself. I reminded myself of how smart, strong and great I was. And without a doubt, I would share that greatness with the world. Looking right at the mirror and I said: “Today you will make a difference”. After my talk I felt great, I was ready to do it, I was ready to live the talk.

I know what you may be thinking and my gut says you might have two thoughts right now: 1) you are either cheering for me or 2) thinking that I may have gone mad. If you’re thinking fits in both, then you being here reading this article is exactly where you should be. And now, we will learn about self-affirmations also known as self-talk together.

The Impact

We have conversations with our friends, family, colleagues, children or the random person on the street. But we never thought of having conversations with ourselves. This kind of conversation is the encouragement kind, and honestly, we are better for this than anyone else.

The difference between telling yourself you can do something versus someone else; can have a greater impact. That reason is simple: we have to believe it, to say it. When someone else tells you “you’re awesome”, we are likely to question motives: “whether they are genuine”, or we take a longer time to actually believe it. When you say it to yourself you have no choice but to believe it.

Just recently, I faced myself in the mirror and spilt out all the affirmations I could think of. At the end of it all, I felt good, really good!. The reason is that I believed it and I knew I could do it all. I walked out of my house with my head held high. My chest out and a smile so wide nothing could remove it.

The Results

The power of self-affirmation is beyond great. It is the base on which we build, know and believe in ourselves. We formulate our goals, dreams and aspirations on self-affirmations. It is what keeps us moving when everything else is working against us. It is the one thing that cannot be taken away from you.

Words have Life! This is why being positive is one of the best things we can do for our growth and development. When we speak good and meaningful things in our lives, we are likely to see unimaginable changes in our attitude, behaviour and mindset. Being conscious of this fact is important to achieving the lifestyle changes we desire. Self-affirmation is the first step in gaining momentum in anything you do.

So whenever you get a chance today, have a talk with yourself. You will feel ready to achieve your dreams.

Stay conscious! The journey to the conscious life has never been sweeter.