Quick guide to Surpass Limits

I woke up early one day and did a quick assessment of what I have been changing about my life and what still needed to be changed. I was quickly drawn to the limits I had set for myself. After mulling over the different areas in my life I realise that I had been doing something wrong. I was setting these limits but not surpassing them. “What a way to keep myself back”, I thought.

Look at your life holistically. Are you setting limits with just the aim of reaching them? Why not start setting limits to surpass them. Our ability to do things at humans extends past what we conceive right now. If we start stretching our minds some more, new possibilities will come up and with new possibilities, we will see a remarkable change in ourselves. What we thought was out of our reach is now attainable because we keep surpassing the limits we create.

Think about how much impact exercising such a concept would have on us? If you are thinking of massive impacts, you are on the right track. This would mean our goals would be attainable and we would spend less time wondering about outcomes but instead seeing more results. In addition, we would keep growing mentally, emotionally and physically. It would also mean that we will spend less time pushing ourselves because we have developed an attitude of constant mobility. We would not have time to be small thinkers because we have paved a way for greater possibilities.

On a wider scope, the world would see major differences because we will be people who make changes happen.

Be conscious today, do not set limits to just reach them, but set limits to surpass them.