How to Recuperate by implementing the Me Time Concept?


The fast-paced lifestyle of today’s society has overtime, driven our attention towards meeting the demands of others with little focus on our self. As a result, we direct too little or no time at all towards recuperation, that is, rebuilding physically, emotionally and mentally.

Over the years, Studies have shown that stress has become a common symptom among many of the illnesses that have impacted us from young to old.

When we do not give our bodies and minds time to rest, we are likely to see an increase in stress levels. The effect of stress can be seen in extreme fatigue, increased heart rate, illness, poor health, mental and emotional strain experienced by a significant portion of the human population.

Me Time Defined

As a result of our lifestyle, we have begun to ignore stressful symptoms and have abandoned the need to take time for ourselves. We have been programmed to forego exercising the concept of “Me Time”.  This concept can be explained as time set aside where we redirect attention to ourselves by resting the body and mind in order to be able to function effectively and efficiently in all areas of our lives.

Just recently I was reminded of how little time I spend on myself.  Between family, work, home life and basically all other hats I wear on a regular basis; a “Me Time” has not been in the mix for a while.

Paying attention to ourselves once in a while can be the difference between heightened stress and a relaxed/calm nature.

Assess how you have been behaving lately. Do you find that you are less focused or have more things on your mind more often? How about your sleep? Are you getting enough? Does everything make you cranky? While there are more ways to assess this, if your answer is yes to all these questions, then it is time for some “Me Time”.

The Importance of “Me Time”

We talk about being conscious of ourselves rather often without actually doing it.  But it’s time to put some action into it. Once in a while take time off from everything around you to do something you like. Something that benefits you and gives you that relaxed and calm feeling.  Do this very often and you will see a difference in your overall behaviour.

It is a known fact that our ability to focus diminishes when we are in the need for rejuvenation. In addition, we can agree on how much more is accomplished once we’ve had time to recuperate and reset. It is truly a waste of time and energy to get things done on a tired, dragged out mind. Thinking becomes almost impossible and mistakes are bound to happen. Our families will see us as the grumpy one if we don’t check ourselves often.

So while we are on this Conscious journey together. Let’s check ourselves once in a while. Let’s assess how “me” time is beneficial as we incorporate it more and more into our lives. 

Stay conscious!