Understanding The Outer You

In science class, specifically biology, we were taught that the skin is the largest organ in the body. Some of us looked on in aw having heard these words from our teachers. But, it is possible at that point we never considered how important this organ would be to our health. Maybe some of you considered it, but like me, it was years later before I realise how my lifestyle can be impacted by taking the best care of this organ.

When it comes to the skin, the last thing we would think of is that topical application of products would over time enter our bodies and cause issues. After all, it’s not like we are administering it orally. But even this thought process needs revision. While the impact may not be immediate, over a period of time products enter our bloodstream and slowly builds up. This is why we need to revise and pay keen attention to what is contained in the products we put on our skin.

Links between our body and Lifestyle

Did you know that formaldehyde is placed in some of the products we apply topically to our body? If any of us has any medical knowledge we would know that formaldehyde is used in the preservation of dead bodies to prevent decay. I remember back in university my roommate would reek of formaldehyde after spending hours in the lab studying the human body parts (yes my roommate was studying to be a medical doctor).

While that is not the only use, it is commonly used in manufacturing many household products and building materials as well.  This is one example of a harmful substance that is added to some products we apply topically to our body. There are many others that are absorbed into our bodies over time and contributes to health issues.

Living the Conscious lifestyle means that we not only assess our mental status, or what we eat, it is an overall assessment of what we use in every aspect of our lives; that means the skin is not excluded. It is for this reason why I personally have been cautious of what I have been using in my beauty regime.

Did you know that when you completely rid your body of products that do not contain harmful substances but utilise products that are healthy it not only impacts you outwardly but inwardly as well? Yes, what you use on your body can affect how you feel emotionally, how you think and overall how you feel about yourself and others.

Let’s get conscious together!