The Truth behind bad habits and 4 simple ways to break them!

We all have some behaviour that we do over and over, every day. This repetitive behaviour is called a habit. Habits can be both good and bad, however, the bad habits are what we want to correct. Bad habits are usually behaviours or actions that give us some sort of immediate comfort but is generally not good for us. Bad habits also allow us to feel complacent, that is because we believe this action is who we are and are reluctant to make any changes.

All habits are learnt behaviours that become apart of our daily routine because we perform the behaviours continually. It is proven that habit formation takes at least 2 months and becomes automatic. But there have been cases where 21 days is enough to completely form a new behaviour as well.

We do not always recognise when we are forming new behaviours if we are not paying attention to ourselves. For example, you may become a habitual procrastinator simply by delaying a task today. You may delay it for the next week or two thinking ” it’s only once but I will get to it”. Before you are completely aware you are doing the same thing to other important tasks. Finally, once you realise what you are doing, the habit has already formed.

Similarly, you can form habits that are beneficial to you by simply executing the behaviour every day.  For example, you may find yourself tuning into a podcast that talks about the path to success. You will find that you tune into this podcast every day for a period of time until you just do it without giving any thought. A habit has been formed but in this scenario, this habit is helping to make a meaningful impact on your life.

In my own experience, I have had to deal with developing bad habits over time that was detrimental. Later, I had to face the consequences of these habits. I realised that in each development, I had become comfortable and complacent with my new behaviours. And the main reason was that the effects were never immediate.

The impacts of bad habits accumulate and just when you think all is well, the floodgate of self-sabotage opens. What are some habits you have formed lately? Are they good or are they bad? Do these new behaviours move your personal goals or dreams forwards or are they crippling your growth? Do you feel comfortable and complacent? Are you aware of your new behaviours?

Tips for breaking bad habits

Here are a few suggestions that I have developed over the years on how to avoid being trapped in a habit loop: How to become aware of them and break them?


TOP: take some time and review your actions.



HECK your comfort and complacency level: Have you become ok with the same position you are in?



SSESS: Has there been anything that you are sure is an invaluable achievement lately?  When was your last?



REAK: Have no positive conclusion on the first 3 steps? Start doing the action that will turn over good results.


What do you need to know about breaking bad habits?

  • Consciously changing a behaviour will not be easy.
  • You may have 1 or more slip-ups. The key is consistency.
  • Just do, do, do, and do some more!
  • Once a behaviour or action becomes consistent, you will no longer need to apply any thought to the action.
  • Believe in yourself
  • Your mindset will impact your attitude towards breaking your bad habit.

Now, you have completely broken a bad habit and developed a positive one. Good Luck!